Indian UX Company

E. 02/2024

Run by Karthik Kamalakannan of Skcript, Indian UX Company helps you get your product's user experience reviewed and fixed constantly.

With 12+ years of product development experience, we've optimized hundreds of global products' UX.

From 100 customers to over a billion, we work with a diverse clientele.

Our global team comprises diverse UX consultants, ensuring varied perspectives for efficient product reviews. This approach enables rapid iteration, upholds quality standards, and delivers actionable insights.

Things we do

  • In-depth UX reviews
  • Run design sprints
  • Detailed UX issue reporting
  • Product workflow fixes & iterations
  • Data-based UX monitoring (weekly)
  • Continuously talk to your customers
  • Setup, collect, and track UX data

Things we don't do

  • Build UI
  • Design new screens
  • Wasting time
  • Branding activities
  • Write code

How much does it cost?

Our pricing starts from $2,500 per month for a retainer. Retainers could be as short as three months as well depending on your committment to improving your UX.

Cost of one-time UX reviews start from $6,000 per project (varies based on the scale of the product).

For bootstrapped startups under 3 years, we charge as little as $1,500 per month on a retainer + comes with additional goodies like access to fast-moving UI designers, website devs and more.